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About Us

Adelaide Exclusive Mechanical has been repairing and servicing prestige cars since 1996. Located just 3 kms from the city, it was founded when Serge DellaVerde, having worked as a master technician at leading Adelaide prestige car centres, realised how frustrated customers were at the lack of personalised service.

Seeing that the same technician rarely worked on the same cars (often leading to problems not getting fixed) Serge realised there was a real need to treat clients differently – to gain their trust with care, expertise, respect and most importantly, by listening to them.

Over 20 years later, Serge has built a pristine workshop, an “Adelaide’s best prestige operator” reputation and a team of genius technicians with unrivalled expertise and passion. They train continually, use the latest scanners and software and are online to European engineers 24/7 for trouble-shooting  - although there’s virtually nothing these guys can’t fix themselves.

(To discover each prestige brand’s hotshot specialists and their vast experience repairing and servicing those prestige cars, click on each brand)

So if you’re yearning for integrity, extraordinary service, a team who listens to you, and don’t want to pay the earth, you’ve found the right place.

Contact Adelaide Exclusive Mechanical now and join the many satisfied customers who come from near and far for exceptional service, the team that knows their car inside-out and unfailing problem-solving.